How to Write a Perfect Essay on Any Topic

Many students assume that essay writing is only connected to high school and college assignments. On the other hand, the dictionary tells us that an essay is similar to a composition. So, in reality, when you are asked to create an essay, your teacher expects you to write a composition. In spite of the definition, essay writing is a tedious assignment that takes a lot of time to complete if you do not use a winning strategy. If you are one of those students who get upset when assigned an essay, I will share my easy guide with you.

What is my strategy?

I get used to comparing essay writing to heading a military operation. In case you possess the skill of self-discipline, do thoughtful research and use correct strategy, your chances to win are high.

Getting started

1.Research your topic. In case you are assigned a topic that is not familiar to you, take your time and research the issue. Prepare materials and read all of them carefully. Your research will guide you through the process of writing.

2.Prepare an outline. Creating an outline is an essential step, especially when you learn how to write perfect essays. Your outline should have a thesis statement (the idea that is going to be developed in the essay). Next, support your thesis statement with several topic sentences.


1.Create a hook. The purpose of the introduction is to catch the readers’ attention. So, use a quote, humor or statistics that lead the reader to your topic.

2.Thesis statement. Put your thesis statement at the end of introduction paragraph. Make sure it connects to your hook well.

Body Paragraphs

1.Use at least three topic sentences from your outline and develop each of them into three paragraphs.

2.Make sure to support your topic sentences with statistics and examples found during research.

3.Create transitions between paragraphs. Make sure the flow of thought is logical.


1.Restate your thesis statement.

2.Summarize your ideas from the body paragraph.

3.Write an effective concluding statement.

How to Write a Perfect Essay on Any TopicFinalization

1.Check grammar and spelling. When your essay is ready, it is time to read it by looking for grammar and spelling mistakes.

2.Reevaluate your writing. If you finished your essay before due-date, reread it the next day and check whether your writing was effective enough. You may also ask your fellow students to read the essay and point out its drawbacks.

Using this guide, you will be able to compose perfect essays without problems. This is certainly a winning strategy that will make your college life easier. Master your skills in essay writing using this guide and you will soon start to enjoy writing assignments.

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